Thursday, November 5, 2009

Behind The McLuhan Mix

How does McLuhan's thoughts relate to today's emergence of virtual worlds and convergence of media? I decided to import Side A & B into a Protools session and edit down the nearly 45 minutes to under 10 minutes, and focus on those ideas that speak to today's media specificially - and particularly toward the emergence of immersive virtual spaces like Second Life. I radically edited the piece, but I didn't not take McLuhan's words out of context. I added some music tracks from Creative Commons (specific tunes to be listed below soon) to provide continuity to the piece. You might hear a dab of some other music, but all within the intellectual copyright regulations of this day. As for McLuhan's album excerpts, I am using them only for educational purposes :), and hope this piece can remain online to propagate the powerful role media has for distributing ideas and for shaping society in new ways, allowing for innovative perspectives. McLuhan's work remains relevant more than 40 years later. [Source for ProTools image:]
Below, a machinima mashup featuring Second Life images that accompany my McLuhan remix (LOL, think Paul Miller, a.k.a. DJ Spooky). Larger view on youtube:


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McLuhan in Second Life
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