Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Machinima: Art and Practice in Virtual Filmmaking

This Spring, Lowe Runo and I presented at the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference on machinima, as a creative new tool for filmmakers. Machinima is defined as virtual filmmaking for a new generation of media makers. We present our topic as avatars, http://business.treet.tv/shows/bpeducation/episodes/bpe2011-051

Our Web site, http://www.machinimaguild.com, serves a resource for educators wanting to experimenting with this new medium. Our book, Machinima: Art and Practice in Virtual Filmmaking, will be released Fall 2011, and we look forward to sharing more machinima examples and ideas in the near future. I will be returning to Bangor University, Wales, this Fall to share my thoughts on machinima as a social forum.

As the machinima reviews editor for the Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds (published by Intellect, with the editorial team based at Bangor University), I seek for publication well-informed and articulated machinima reviews. For the journal guidelines, see JGVW's web site or email me at phylisj@yahoo.com.

Be sure to check out our machinima groups, Professional Machinima Artist Guild and The Second Life Machinima Artist Guild.

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